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Summer Baseball Info

Hello Everyone please click on the link below and either print and turn in or email directly to me @   This is due on 3/1/21


March Dues

March  Fees $100  are Due By 3/1 Please venmo @ LVaces34

14 U games for 2/27

14 U will play on Saturday 2/27 @ Doc Romeo #7  Please Venmo @lvaces34   $30 for weekend  Thanks 

Please be at field at 9:00 am on Saturday for the game 

10:00 am Vs GBG 

2:00 pm Vs Hitmen 

4:00 TBD 


1. Alfarez 

2. A. Berumen 

3. D. Berumen 

4.  Clark 

5. Frye 

6. Goddard

7. Griffith 

8. Kieffer 

9. Leonard 

10. Piekarski

11. Roberts 

12. Rotello 

13. C. Smith 

14. Czerniawski



2/27 Rosters/ Schedule

We have 3 games with a possible 4th game.  We split into 2 rosters for the Saturday please look at the rosters and schedule .  We will wear the cardinal jersey and grey pants.    Team 1 Schedule 10:00 am Vs Arbor View @ 10:00 am @ Hadland    5:00 pm @ Burkholder Vs Fresno Bullard 

Team 2 Schedule 2:00 pm Vs Centennial and 4:00 pm Vs TBD with record accounting for if we get a 4th game.  

Please Venmo $15 @ Lvaces34 for the weekend 

Team 1                                      Team 2 

1. Walsh                              1. Mejia 

2. Lichty                               2. Castro 

3. Wakenhut                     3. Czerniawski 

4.  Schaefer                       4. Kanaapu 

5. Kieffer                             5. Griffith 

6. Lial                                     6. Reynolds 

7. Dirig                                 7. Edwards 

8. Edens                              8. Snider 

9. Metzger                         9. Dunn 

10. Calandra                   10. Kelly 

11. T Stott                        11 Haney 

12. J. Walker                   12. M. Walker 

13. Mansell                       13. Buckner 

14.  Roberts                      14. Jacob 

15. Pippin                          15. Sartain 

16. Gilliam                         16. Leal 

17. Kennedy                      17. D. Stott

                                                    18. Reis 

                                                    19. Brunn


Aces 16U and 18U traveling to Tucson AZ

Aces will be traveling to Tucson AZ for a tournament at Reid Park March 5-7  we will be leaving Friday morning in Vans and staying as a team in Tucson. This will most likely be the last trip we take before our spring 

Rosters and cost will be released soon If you are unable to make it please let me know ASAP   Please Venmo $175 @Lvaces34 to cover cost of trip 

18U                                   16U

1.Walsh                           Mejia 

2.Lichty                          Castro 

3.  Alvillar                      Wakenhut

4.Schaefer                    Kaanapu

5.Kieffer                         Hunter

6.Lial                                Reynolds 

7.Dirig                             Smith

8.Edens                           Snider 

9.Metzger                      Dunn

10.Calandra                  Kelly

11.Reis                             Brunn

12.Haney                         M. Walker 

13.Walker                        Garcia

14.Mansell                      Jacob

15.Pippin                        Sartain 

16.Gilliam                        Edwards

17.Kennedy                   Baltazar

18. Czerniawski           Stott

19.T. Stott                        Leal

20. Alvillar                   Del Valle

21. Roberts                 Phillips 




Winter League set to start 2/1 - 3/15

The winter league will start Monday 2/1 for the 16u team please venmo $50 for league cost @lvaces34  this will cover league expenses 2/1-3/15 the calendar is updated for all games they will be played in Boulder city to start and may be moved to Henderson Fields if approved.  Roster is as follows.  Remember kids will be moving up and down based on needs 

League Roster




14u Practice dates and Information

We have a brand new 14u team that is starting up combining 7th and 8th graders 

Here is the  schedule obviously this can change with field availability and Covid 

Wed 1/20  5-7 pm Heritage #1

Friday 1/22 5-7 pm Heritage #2  Parent meeting to Follow Please have one parent at 7 pm near Field 

Saturday 1/23 9-11 am Arroyo #9 

Friday 1/29 5-7 pm Burkholder

Saturday 1/30 9-11 Arroyo #9 

Tuesday Feb 2  5-7 pm Arroyo #9 

Thursday Feb 4  5-7 Arroyo #9 

Understand We need to be flexible as times and locations may change 

Please Refer to the calendar under 14u and also to this web page for information 

Summer Info for Aces Coming Soon

The Aces Gold team will be traveling to Omaha Nebraska leaving Las Vegas June 17th and Returning June 30th.  We will be stopping along the way to play games and also be playing in a tournament in Omaha at Creighton  Prep 6/23-6/27 this is also the timing of the college world series.  We will release rosters of who will be going on the trip and also a summer commitment form to make sure who is playing and any dates that may conflict with our journey back to the Legion World Series.  We will be fielding a Gold, Gold 2, and 3 junior teams to compete in local games.  The Gold and Gold 2 teams will be the only teams that will travel this summer.  The coaches will be attending a meeting this weekend to see what details of summer may be.  More details to follow 

If you Have any questions please contact Coach Buboltz for details 

Tournament Rosters

Tournament Rosters will be set and People that can not make a tournament will be required to cancel at least 3 weeks in advance unless an emergency comes up.  This will help us as an organization plan accordingly to move people around to make things work. 

16 u and 14u practice schedules will be out shortly 

Aces Win Bullhead City Tournament

Congrats to the Aces 16u on winning the Bullhead City AZ Tournament this past week going 3-1 and winning the Championship game 7-5 ! 

18U Practice Schedule Up on Calendar

Monday - Wed - Friday 

White Pants - Cardinal Shirt Alternate Hat 

Cage Attire - Black Shorts - Cardinal Shirt- Alternate Hat 

Tuesday - Thursday- Saturday 

Grey Pants - Black Shirt - Alternate Hat 

Cage Attire - Grey Shorts - Black Shirt - Alternate Hat 

Upcoming Events

As always things can change but here is run down so far of things each of our teams will be attending.  Please refer to calendar on the right side for practice schedules they have been updated for everyone again 16 U  under JV  18U will look at Varsity  and 14U will look at 14 U on the Calendar  


Weekly games for league and weekend games 


Weekly Games for league and weekends 


Weekend games till state opens 


Weekend Games til state opens 



Please be aware that rosters will change based on needs for each team.  I posted what we think the rosters will be for the weekend but that could change.  For instance some of the 18u players could drop down to the 16u team.  That will be discussed after practice Tuesday. Thanks for the understanding 

Coach Buboltz 

Aces Win Tournament in Hurricane Utah

The Aces won another tournament this past weekend in Hurricane Utah going 5-0 and defeating the Sandlot Baseball 7-1 in the championship game. 

ACES Win SU Tournament

This past weekend the Aces 18u Team went 5-0  winning the tournament in Cedar City Utah.   They Defeated Sandlot Baseball 4-0 to win the championship 

BASEBALL Players Incoming Players 6th, 7th, 8th Graders

Hello incoming student athletes and Parents.  We are playing baseball ! If you would like to join we have room please text or call.   If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 

Coach Paul Buboltz 

702-578-2192 please text first

Fall Winter Coaching Staff

18 U Coaching Staff 

Paul Buboltz: 702-578-2192

Assistant Caoches

Matt Mailhot

Shane Langvad

Essex  "Gas" Burton

Larry Edens

Nate Smith

16 U Team 

Cody Schmidt (HC): 702-245-7638

Chase Adams

15U Team  

Ryan Chen (HC): 702-540-7455

14 U Coaching Staff

Larry Edens 702-348-4135

Nate Smith 702-353-0861

Michael  Geeser 

Gold 1 and Gold 2 Coaching Staff

Gold Manager 

Paul Buboltz: 702-578-2192

Head Coach

 Shane Langvad  702-374-4440

Assistant Caoches

Matt Mailhot

Essex Burton

Larry Edens

Nate Smith

Gold 2  Head Coach

Cody Schmidt: 702-245-7638

Assistant Coaches

Chase Adams 

Legion Baseball Junior Head Coaches

Please contact your head Coach with issues concerning missing practice or games

Cardinal Head Coach

Ryan Chen 

Assistant Coaches 


Black Head Coach

Larry Edens 

Assistant Coach 

Nate Smith 

Michael Geeser 

White Head Coach

Dennis Piekarski

Assistant Coach 



14 U Aces win Veterans Day Tournament

14 U Aces win Veterans Day Tournament

Congrats to our 16U team! October Slugfest Champions !

Congrats to our 16U team! October Slugfest Champions !

14U Aces win the Parade of lights Tournament

14 U Wins Parade of lights Tournament

14 U Win Parade of lights Tournament

2020 Fall/2021 Winter

Team Wins Losses Ties
Aces Gold 18u 54 20 2
Aces 17u 31 23
Aces 15U 15 5
Aces 14U 5 1

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