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Summer Schedules

Attached Below are the schedules of each team current as of May 23.

Summer Acceleration Schedule

Starting Tuesday 5/30 

Young Guys Lift in Weight Room 7 am - 8am 

Young guys will go to field and do individual Work 8-9 am 

Young Guys will hit 9-10 

Soph- Seniors Lift in Weight Room 8-9am 
Field to work individual work 9-10:30 am   glove work, pitching, hitting 

Junior Practice Schedule for 5/22-5/28

Junior Black (Nelson) Practice Tuesday 5/23 5pm- 7pm  Thursday 5/25 5 pm - 7pm 

Junior Cardinal ( Campo) Practice Tuesday 5/23 6pm- 8pm  Thursday 5/25 6 pm - 8pm 


If you are on one of the teams your coach should reach out to you in the next day or 2.

Reminder that If you have played on coach Nelson 13/14U team you will continue to practice this week and will play in a PG tournament May 13-14  at this time we will make the switch to your teams.

Both Teams will practice on May 9th at 5:00- 7pm  and May 11th 5-7 pm.  After this your coach will give you a practice schedule.  Moving Forward.

Coach Campo team will play in a PG tournament May 20- 21  we will also ask for a couple guys to move over to this team to help with pitching for the tournament.  

If you have any further questions please contact your coach 

Joe Campo 970-520-6910 

Nelson  775-895-2835 


Junior Teams Announced

Cardinal  (Campo)                                                       Black (Nelson) 

1. Joey Campo                                                              1. Brock Zobrist 

2.  Nicholas Costello                                                 2. Gabriel Dianda 

3. Trev  La Marca                                                         3. Anthony Ibarra 

4. Geovanny Solorio                                                  4. Ollie Hayes 

5. Frank Torchia                                                            5. Ryan Roshak 

6. Anthony Williams                                                   6. Brady Coon 

7. Dylan Salinas                                                              7. Dominic Callorina 

8. Colin Walker                                                              8. Jaynoa Tumaneng 

9. London McCowen                                                  9. Chase Johnson 

10. Tyson Lauw                                                             10. Colin Walsh 

11. Jace Bigler                                                                11. Lokahi Tavares 

12. Daniel Osburn                                                       12. Kysyn Kauahipaula

13. Kayden Acoba                                                        13. Fernado NevarezIII

14. Charles Jaynes                                                       14. Chason Lyons 

15. Roenen Allen                                                           15. Jackson Maher

16                                                                                           16. Julian Janik 

                                                                                                 17. Jaidon Boyd                                                     

Team Store

What each players will need for summer 

1. White Jersey 

2. Cardinal Jersey 


Also if you are planning on playing in Fall please make sure you have 

1. Black T-shirt 

2. Cardinal T- Shirt 

3. Shorts both black and grey 

IT would also be a good idea to put numbers on t- shirt and shorts because everyone has same stuff. 

There is also stuff to order for parents.  Please take a look and order if you want something 

ACES Win The Grind Baseball Tournament March 4-5

Aces Win 14U Championship

13/14 Team Schedule

We will be holding a workout informational meeting for any 13u/ 14u players interested in joining the aces.  Players that are going to be attending Desert Oasis High school are encouraged to come to workout Tuesday and Thursday 5pm- 7pm  @ Desert Oasis High school baseball field.  Any questions please reach out to Coach Buboltz 702-578-2192 Thank you 

Schedule for Upcoming Weeks

4/11 @ Scrimmage @ Cimarron  5pm-7pm 

4/13 @ DO 5:00pm-7:30pm  This will also be Tryout for summer team 

4/15 @ DO 8-10 am 

4/18 @ DO 5- 7 pm 

4/20 @ DO 5-7pm 

4/22  @DO 8-10am 

4/25  @ DO 5-7 pm  

4/27 @ DO 5-7 pm     

4/29 @DO 8-10am 



Summer Dates

Gold 1 - 19U 

Gold 2 - 18U  

16U  Team

14U Team 

Both teams will play in Gold Upper division if we have enough interest 

PG Tournaments 

May 20-21 - 16U 

May 27-29 - 18U 

June 3- 5 - 18U 

June 17-18 - 16U 

July 1-3 - 16U 

Huntington Beach July 1-3 Both Gold 1 and Gold 2 Trip 

Alabama Trip Gold 1 and select gold 2 players June 14-25 

Dead Period July 4-14 Take a vacation with family! 

Fall Winter Schedule 18U

18 U Aces 

September 16-18 In Town Games 

September 23-24  Travel to Reno Nevada play Reno, Bishop Manogue 

October 7-9 Salt Lake City ***** 

October 21-23 In Town Games 

October 27-29 Travel to So Cal 10/27 @ Ocean View 10/28@ Huntington Beach 10/29 @ Edison 10:00 am  @ Newport Harbor 1:00 pm 

November 4-6 In Town Games 

November 11-13 In Town Games 

November 19-20 TBD  In Town Games 

January 7th - 4th Annual Alumni Game 

January 13-15 Jsera Tournament 

January 20-22 So Cal Tournament 

January 27-29 Border Battle 

February 3-5 In town games 

February 10-12 In town games 

February 18th Official Tryout Date for Desert Oasis 

15u/16U Fall/ Winter Schedule

September 10-11 PG tournament of Champions (Las Vegas) 

September 23-25 Reno Nevada ( Reno, NV)

October 8-9  PG Fight On Tournament (Las Vegas)

October 28-30 PG Nevada Day Classic (Las Vegas)

November 5-6 PG Pre Veterans Day Tournament(Las Vegas) 

November 25-27 PG Thanksgiving Day Classic ( Las Vegas) 

January 14-16 PG MLK Nit ( Las Vegas) 

January 21-22 PG Las Vegas Winter Super Regional NIT 


Fall /Winter Coaching Staff

18 U Coaching Staff 

Paul Buboltz: 702-578-2192

Assistant Caoches

Matt Mailhot

Shane Langvad

Essex  "Gas" Burton

Cody Schmidt 

16 U Team 

Drew Middleton

15U Team  



14 U Coaching Staff



Gold 1 and Gold 2 Coaching Staff

Gold Manager 

Paul Buboltz: 702-578-2192

Head Coach

 Shane Langvad  702-374-4440

Assistant Caoches

Matt Mailhot

Essex Burton

Cody Schmidt: 702-245-7638


Gold 2  Head Coach

Drew Middleton 775-253-1832

Assistant Coaches


Legion Baseball Junior Head Coaches

Please contact your head Coach with issues concerning missing practice or games

Cardinal Head Coach


Assistant Coaches 


Black Head Coach


Assistant Coach 




DOHS/Aces Players Volunteering at GiGi Playhouse, a Down Syndrome Walk-a-thon/5k event

14 U Aces win Veterans Day Tournament

14 U Aces win Veterans Day Tournament

Congrats to our 16U team! October Slugfest Champions !

Congrats to our 16U team! October Slugfest Champions !

14U Aces win the Parade of lights Tournament

14 U Wins Parade of lights Tournament

14 U Win Parade of lights Tournament

2022/2023 Fall/ Winter

Team Wins Losses Ties
Aces 13/14U

Make a Donation

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted. All contributions to DOHS Baseball go directly into the program and field improvements.

2020 Nevada American Legion Gold Standings

Team Wins Losses Overall
Las Vegas Aces 0 0 0
SN Tribe 0 0 0
Silverado 0 0 0
Green Valley 0 0 0
Palo 0 0 0
Legacy 0 0 0
Coronado 0 0 0
Durango 0 0 0


Summer/ Fall/ Winter Calendars


Las Vegas Aces Baseball  
6600 West Erie Avenue  
Las Vegas, NV 89141  
(702) 799-6881 ext. 4034  


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